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Protect Your Vehicle Against Unprecedented Threats

A recent surge of eight (8) carjackings on Nov 15, 2023 in less than 24 hours in Chicago's Lakeview and North Center areas underlines an alarming and growing problem (Link To Video). Published on November 7, 2023 the headlines read… amid carjacking crisis DC drivers get free trackers to help recover stolen vehicles. To criminals, your vehicle represents an opportunity. But to you, it's an investment, and a critical part of your everyday life. The unruly tide of these crimes is making vehicle security a must-have, rather than an afterthought, and If you are not safe in Lakeview then where?

At VK Industrial IOT, we don't dismiss modern threats as mere temporary aberrations. Carjacking crimes are on the rise, and they're not going away. Instead of living in fear, equip yourself with a solution built to rise to the occasion - the VK Industrial IOT vehicle tracker.

Real-Time Alerting and Next Level Security

Don’t wait till it's too late. Our real-time alerting and vehicle tracking system goes beyond simple peace of mind. It ensures enhanced recovery chances in cases of theft, delivering actionable data to law enforcement with just a single voice command.

 Draw The Line at Being a Victim

You don't choose to be a victim, but you can choose to be prepared. Our vehicle tracker works quietly in the background, providing the assurance that you, your loved ones, and the authorities can respond swiftly to a worst-case scenario.

 Trust the Experts in Consumer Vehicle Tracking

With 30+ years of experience in the technology space, VK Industrial IOT brings proven expertise to meet the needs of the consumer market. Now, you have access to an advanced, proactive solution to protect your vehicles.

 Pre-register Here and Make Sure Your Vehicle is Equipped to Handle Modern Threats

Drastic times call for smarter measures. Don't gamble your safety away. We're confident our vehicle trackers are Better, Faster, and Smarter.

 Pre-register Here for your vehicle tracker Now

 Why VK Industrial IOT? Because we care more, we’re Smarter, Better and Faster at a time when you are the most vulnerable.

 Smarter How – Stay 1 Step ahead, Just one voice command triggers "On Demand Vehicle Tracking“ to law enforcement

Faster How – Peace of Mind – Notify "All" of your loved ones within seconds and “Be Found”

Better How – Be confident - Our White Glove Concierge Transportation delivers you to nearest local police department


 Worry Less and Live More !

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Expected or Pending Certifications and Contracts:

  • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE Certified - Chicago MSDC)
  • Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE)
  • Fortune 500 Enterprise Supplier Diversity Program
  • Municipal and State Government Supplier Initiatives
  • Smart Transportation Infrastructure Initiative
Features: Apple Amazon
Rewire Security
Hardwired to Battery   Yes Yes Disavantage - Acces to battery not always convenient
Alternate Power Options   No Yes Benefit - Alternate Installation Options
Preconfigured   Yes    
Realtime Tracking (30 second intervals)   Yes Yes Disadvantage -realtime tracking difficult
Realtime Tracking (10 second intervals)   No Yes (Default Setting) Advantage - Realtime tracking more realistic
Detect Engine Status via Voltege   Yes Yes  
Google Maps   Yes TBD  
GeoFence   Yes Yes  
Motion Detection   Yes TBD Yes  
Tow Alerts   Yes TBD Yes  
Powerloss Alerets   Yes TBD Yes  
Subscription Moly cost paid annually ($119.4 vs $120)   Yes Yes  
Subscription Moly cost paid monthly   Yes No  
SIM included   Yes Yes  
US Coverage   Yes Yes  
Notifications ( SMS/App/Email)   Yes TBD  
Advanced Carjacking notification System   No Yes Benefit
Free Rideshare   No Yes Benefit
City of Chicago Integration   No Yes Benefit
Cook county integrations   No Yes Benefit
Friends and family notification   No Yes Benefit
Law Enforcement Notifications   No Yes Benefit
Law enforcement tracking   No Yes Benefit
24x7 call center   No Yes Benefit
Participatre in new product development and testing   No Yes Benefit
3 year cost Cell Coverage   $358.2 $360  
Tracker   $49.99 $120  
Total Cost   $408.19 $480 Choose full service tracking and know that VKIIOT's got your back with our Chitrac technology - Home Grown Solutions
        * Advanced Carjacking notification System
Amazon Do it yourself kit and save $71   $71.81   * Free Rideshare
        * City of Chicago Integration
        * Cook county integrations
        * Friends and family notification (within 15-30 seconds)
        * Law Enforcement Notifications (within 15 - 30 seconds)
        * Initiate Law enforcement tracking (within 15-30 seconds)
        * 24x7 call center
        * Participatre in new product development and testing