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Vince's world view: 

The glass is half full and not half empty!

Vince has worked in Corporate America since 1984 in a variety of capacities (commercial underwriting, Staff Accountant\Systems Administrator, Enterprise Systems Administration for Comcast).

Vince transitioned from day to day systems administration work to work as an  IT Consultant for Dell EMC, 5 years. Consulting engagements included work for some of the largest commercial  brands in America ADP, HSBC, Capital One, Johnson Controls, Inc and a variety of smaller firms. These consulting engagements were centered around large scale datacenter migrations. Vince has returned to his love for system administration work over the last 6 years. Vince has a BSBA with a major in Finance from Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL 1984.

Vince's  interest in systems started with the IBM PC in 1984. In 2006, he deployed server virtualization solutions which was the hottest technology of the day. Vince developed "Ubuntu In The Clouds", a Cloud based Ubuntu virtual machine accessible from anywhere and from any platform with remote printing anywhere and built-in disaster recovery.

Vince is always looking for cutting edge solutions to solve real world problems. In Dec 2021 he decided to bet the farm on today's hottest technology i.e. the Industrial Internet Of Things .

Vince is now eager to provide custom IIOT solutions (Industrial Internet Of Things) to the consumer and commercial markets and provide jobs for those looking for an exciting career in Information Technology.

Vince's Motto:

At VK Industrial IOT: "We Get The Job Done"