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Commercial Vehicle Tracking

Best In Breed Telematics Solutions

Safeguard Your Fleet with Proven Success

At VK Industrial IoT, we bring the power of world-class connected transportation solutions to you. Our fleet management solutions are supported by a supplier with over two decades of expertise, connecting more than 3.7 million vehicles, processing over 75 billion data points daily and has a presence in upwards of 150 countries. The Geotab platform helps deliver comprehensive insights to fleet managers of all sizes. As a trusted fleet partner, we supply your organization with the same robust Geotab telematics solutions to help solve you most relevant point points. The Geotab devices are enhanced by additional third-party hardware and software applications, ensuring the capacity to meet expansive fleet requirements. We pride ourselves on partnering with industry leaders, ensuring our clients access to premier products that deliver unmatched security, safety, productivity, and sustainability.

Relied upon by Government and Enterprise Corporations

Our flagship Geotab GO9 device is trusted by the U.S. federal government, meeting its rigorous security standards and exceeding industry expectations for data protection. Additionally, the Geotab platform has been adopted by the State of Minnesota as well as numerous municipalities, and public sector players worldwide. This widespread reliance on the Geotab GO9 device testifies to the solidity and efficiency of our offerings. Clients who choose VK Industrial IoT are assured of a tracking and fleet management solution that is not only time-tested but also proven in its effectiveness and reliability with the worlds largest players.

Unlock the power of your fleet data

As a trusted advisor, we're not just offering a tracking tool; we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to transform your fleet operations. With our strong strategic partnerships and access to a broad marketplace of third-party solutions, we offer you an unparalleled range of options.

The Geotab telematics platform is powered by a team of industry-leading data scientists and AI experts, helping to unlock the power of fleet data. Our team will help deliver actionable insights in real-time, resulting in better decisions, increased productivity, safer fleets, and achieved sustainability goals.


In the complex world of industrial IoT, we believe in simplifying. Our solutions are designed to be Better, Faster, and Smarter, making your business more competitive. At VK Industrial IOT, we don't just prepare you for what's happening now, but we are consistently innovating and preparing you for what's next.

Let us bring your organization into the future of digital innovation with VK Industrial IOT, where trusted technology and execution meet.

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