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Safeguard Your Fleet with Proven Success

At VK Industrial IOT, we bring the power of world-class connected transportation solutions to you. Our fleet tracking solutions are backed by a supplier with over 20 years of experience, connecting more than 3.7 million vehicles, in over 150 countries and processing more than 75 billion data points a day across the globe. With our trusted partner we are able to supply commercial trackers for vehicles of all types and in any quantity. These telematic devices are further enabled by an additional set of 3rd party apps that extend to any capability requirement. We only work with T1 partners with unparalleled products delivering unmatched safety, productivity, and sustainability.

Relied upon by Government and Enterprise Corporations

Our supplier is a trusted supplier to the United States government, the State of Minnesota, and Enterprise Corporation, one of the nation's largest fleets. Such alliances underline the credibility and robustness of our solutions, ensuring you are relying on a tracking solution that's time-tested and proven effective.

Unlock the Power of Your Fleet Data

We're not just offering a tracking tool; we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to transform your fleet operations. With our strong strategic partnerships and access to a broad marketplace of third-party solutions, we offer you an unparalleled range of options.

Empowered by a team of industry-leading data scientists and AI experts, our tools unlock the power of fleet data. We deliver actionable insights in real-time, resulting in better decisions, increased productivity, safer fleets, and achieved sustainability goals.

Stay Ahead with VK Industrial IOT

In the complex world of industrial IoT, we believe in simplifying. Our solutions are designed to be Better, Faster, and Smarter, making your business more competitive. At VK Industrial IOT, we don't just prepare you for what's happening now, but we are consistently innovating and preparing you for what's next.

Let us bring your organization into the future of digital innovation with VK Industrial IOT, where trusted technology and execution meet.

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